Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre

Being active is a great way to keep us in shape; in body, mind and spirit. There are many ways in which we can help get you active and into a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre is like no other gym or health club. We offer a 'home away from home' environment and people often report that what they like about the Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre is the relaxed atmosphere and the way we welcome people of all ages, shapes, abilities and level of fitness. 

By becoming a member at the Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre you get:

  • Unlimited access to our Gym
  • FREE health consultation with a fully qualified Health and Fitness Trainer upon joining. These assessments cover your current fitness levels and re-assessments are available so that your progress can be continually monitored to ensure you achieve maximum results.
  • tailored program which is designed to meet your personal health and fitness goals. Programs can be designed for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
  • Access to a variety of gym equipment.
  • Access to qualified Health and Fitness Trainers who specialise in specific areas including weight management, injury rehabilitation and nutrition.

Our staff offer programs designed for people of all ages and abilities. It might be a low impact weights class for older adults; a rehabilitation session for a back injury or maybe a personal training session.

At the Portland Leisure and Aquatic Centre we have all of your Health and Fitness needs catered for!

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